Automation Strategist
February 9, 2022

The Automation Strategist plays a key role to ensure that automation ideas translate into automation design projects for our customers.  Reporting to the President, the successful candidate will be a trusted partner to customers and bring their manufacturing operations up to Industry 4.0 standards.  This position requires a strategic and entrepreneurially minded individual who is well experienced and technically knowledgeable in industrial automation, controls, mechanical and IT/OT who can engage and connect with customers to clearly communicate a vision and strategy for a smart manufacturing environment for their business.

Responsibilities and Duties:

The responsibilities and duties of this position include but are not limited to:


  • Develops and cultivates a professional working relationship with customers to understand their current manufacturing environment, challenges, and limitations
  • Shares a vision with customers for a fully automated, well integrated, and highly efficient smart manufacturing environment
  • Partners and consults with customers to strategize their overall automation manufacturing goals, processes, and systems to become a leading Industry 4.0 manufacturer
  • Aligns with customers to develop automation strategy documents, plans, and budgets and monitors progress in obtaining strategy goals as quickly as possible to address short-term and long-term goals
  • Leads automation projects that are strategically chosen from determining feasibility all the way through to implementation
  • Partners with the customer in offering our training and support services, to assist the customer outside of projects
  • Champions automation strategy success stories with potential new customers and positions JAE Automation as an industrial automation design leader

Internal Collaboration

  • Receives sales leads from the President and collaborates with customers to architect automation projects for JAE Automation
  • Works closely with a Project Manager to identify key internal information, such as scheduling, resourcing, and budgeting to scope new automation project details
  • Develops a strategic relationship with the Design Manager to discuss relevant customer projects and reviews active projects that the Design Team is engaged in
  • Engages Design Team Leads for technical information and support on specific customer projects
  • Directs projects from an automation strategy and design point of view and serves as the Project Leader when collaborating with Design Team Leads
  • Supports the President and other team members on sales efforts, estimates and proposals as needed
  • Communicates weekly with the President to provide status updates on customer goals, strategy, and progress
  • Strategically collaborates with the President, Design Manager, and other Managers to create the automation strategy, methodologies, processes, and best practices for JAE Automation customers

Required Skills/abilities:

  • 15+ years of relevant work experience in industrial automation systems, automation strategy or design, controls, mechanical design, mechatronics, and IT/OT.
  • College diploma or University level degree; MBA is an asset qualification
  • Excellent writing skills to contribute to or create proposals, estimates, and automation strategy documentation
  • Expert level automation strategy skills to architect, document and communicate project details thoroughly and succinctly
  • Excellent analytical and conceptual thinking skills
  • Expert level skills with all MS Office 365 products

Candidate Profile:

  • Results-Oriented
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Client Service Skills
  • Analytical Thinking Skills
  • Creative Thinking Skills
  • Initiative
  • Flexibility

Additional Information:

  • A valid Driver’s License and Canadian Passport or B1/B2 visa to enter the USA is required
  • Air travel will be required to visit customer locations within North America
  • The position can be located anywhere in Canada from a home office
  • English language skills are essential
  • French and other language skills are assets
  • This is a full-time position with a competitive salary and benefits package

We welcome résumés from a variety of individuals.  Should you require accommodation during the interview process, please notify us when you are contacted.

Résumés can be sent to:



Eric Martin C.E.T.

Eric Martin C.E.T.

Electronic Engineering Technologist, is owner and President of JAE Automation. For over 25 years, Eric’s passion has been about making things, and how to make them better. Since founding JAE Automation in 2000, along with leading his team, Eric has been engaged in automation design for the automotive, consumer goods, food and beverage sectors and many more.


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