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As Industry 4.0 pushes companies to undergo a digital transformation, manufacturers must also ensure that their organizational structure, culture, talent, and design processes are up to the task. Outdated and inadequate processes must be put aside to allow for creativity, innovation, and long-term investments. 

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Design First Approach to Automating your Facility Whitepaper

Automation design is a crucial phase of any investment in technology. Without proper design, manufacturers risk investing in solutions that don’t end up meeting their requirements. The more complex and innovative the solution, the greater the need for time and budget to be spent during the design and testing phases of the project. 

This white paper will show how a dedicated automation design team provides a holistic and consistent approach to improving your manufacturing facility.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:


What makes up the components of an automation design team


Why you need a dedicated design team


How manufacturers can do more with less with someone who knows your facilities and processes

As manufacturers look to embrace Industry 4.0 technologies and enhance performance across the manufacturing and production environments, they must transition away from the traditional approaches to purchasing technology by partnering with dedicated design teams.

Eric Martin

President, JAE Automation

Now is the time to start thinking about where automation can fit into your facility.
Now is the time to make things: better. TM