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Automation Consulting

You can contract JAE to extend your onsite team of professionals to take care of day to day business. Or, you can bring in JAE to troubleshoot a particular problem or to design a solution. We are comfortable as the only project lead and staff, as well as working with your team and other contractors to provide our expertise and resources to get the job done in a team setting.

Electrical Control Design

We have the in-house expertise to put together complete designs. Power, communication networks, controllers, operator interfaces, motion, sensing and safety are all areas of the control design. We can supply your next control system design based upon the components suited to the application and as well preferred by your company. During this process we will review your company standards and provide any feedback on the latest industry standards and technology that will increase reliability, cost savings and safety. Our commitment will be to complete the design based upon your approved direction.

Manufacturing Safety

JAE Automation has extensive experience in providing new machinery and upgrading older machinery to the latest safety standards. Based upon a (PSHSR) Pre-Start Health and Safety review, which we can arrange if required, we can assist you in implementing shop floor safety devices into your production environment. Scenarios like safe speed monitoring, zone interlocking, request to enter, timed reset, we have designed and we are ready to implement for you. Typical devices include Light Curtains/Grids, E-Stop Buttons, Locking Door Switches, Non-Contact Door Switches, Enable Devices, Safety Relays, Safety Contactors, Safety Encoders, etc. From a small cell with one or two devices with safety relays to a large networked safety system over AS-I or Ethernet, we have designed and are ready to implement for you.

PLC/HMI/SCADA Programming

JAE Automation’s ability to manage the interface between humans and machines in the manufacturing world is one of its fundamental core strengths. SCADA systems, HMIs of various kinds, and of course PLC configuration and programming are key areas of expertise that JAE has mastered. We have experience with most major manufacturer’s products as well as numerous niche products.

Vision Systems

Machine vision systems are excellent for tasks such as counting objects on a conveyor, reading serial numbers, and searching for surface defects. Many manufacturers prefer to use visioning systems for visual inspections in high-speed environments, where things like 24-hour operation, magnification, and/or repeatability of measurement are required. JAE Automation has direct experience working with this technology and the general Automation knowledge to successfully implement projects in this area.

Robot Integration

Like machine vision systems (which are often integrated with robotics), robot systems are excellent for particular applications in manufacturing where precision, repeatability and 24-hour operation are required. JAE has completed several projects in this area and brings relevant shop floor experience to your organization.

Onsite Commissioning and Start Ups

We look at each project and put a plan in place to minimize the time required to install and start-up new equipment. Our team is very experienced in a manufacturing setting and understands the production demands. We put together checklists and yellow-line the drawings to ensure the planned project design is the installed and functional result.

Utilities Information and Control

Electricity, pneumatics, hydraulics, HVAC and water are some of the utilities that are required to run your production. Knowing how much of each is used is vital to keep manufacturing costs under control. For example, air leaks can costs thousands of dollars per year and shorten the life of your compressor(s). We have the tools to sense these types of leaks and aid you in their location.