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Mechanical Design

At JAE we believe having mechanical services is integral to providing turnkey automation solutions for our customers. Some of our abilities include; project management, creating a design basis, requests for quotation, helping you design and or select the correct equipment, procurement, machine guarding, packaging line integration, changeover optimization, ergonomic design, process piping and robotic cells.

3D Modelling

Our modeling experts can put together the virtual 3D designs before any fabrication work is started. During the review process often forgotten component placements can be viewed prior to construction. As an example location of HMIs, control stations, walk ways, head room clearance, lift truck aisles, conduit and tubing runs to list a few. This gives you a chance to verify every detail and minimizes any changes after the parts or systems are built. SOLIDWORKS is our preferred modeling software.

Mechanical Drawings

2 D mechanical drawings and BOMs for small projects or equipment layouts. JAE Automation provides detailed drawings of modelled parts or layouts such that a fabrication or CNC shop can build and supply these parts to the exact specifications. We also provide detailed assembly drawings to assemble the equipment with a detailed BOM and supply these drawings to our customers within the mechanical manuals we provide for each piece of equipment.

Packaging Line Integration

JAE Automation has experience in designing and implementing packaging systems in many manufacturing environments. This includes conveying systems, print and apply labelling, bar code scanning, sorting, case packing, palletizing, stretch wrapping and much more. If you are looking at modifying, upgrading or implementing a packaging system in your facility please contact us to discuss your application.

Robot Cells

To make your manufacturing process as flexible and responsive as possible we can help by implementing robotics. Robots are not just for automotive manufacturing operations, many manufacturers benefit from robots with their speed, accuracy, quality, repeatability and flexibility. Robots can be used in areas or applications which are dangerous to humans. Using robots does not replace workers, it makes the manufacturing process more efficient which allows growth and expansion. We are proud to have partnered with FANUC America, who we feel has the most comprehensive selection of robots available.