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About JAE

Founded in 2000, JAE Automation has built its reputation on the successes of its customers. By investing in long term relationships JAE has grown steadily into a leadership position in the shop floor automation world.

We view every prospective customer as a lifetime customer and it shows. We are willing to go the extra mile, we pay particular attention to detail, we function with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, and we do everything we can to provide our customers with exceptional value. It’s all designed to make the JAE experience one you will choose again and again for your manufacturing automation needs.

We have assembled a team of skilled experts in a variety of automation specialties who are ready to consult with you to identify your needs and design a strategy to work with you toward solutions.

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Key sales contact

Eric Martin, C.E.T.

For over 25 years, Eric’s passion has been about making things, and how to make them better. Since founding JAE Automation in 2000, along with leading his team, Eric has been engaged in automation design for the automotive, consumer goods, food and beverage sectors and many more.


Corporate Overview


Member of:


We believe technology should improve quality of life. At JAE Automation, our goal is to improve quality, efficiency and competitiveness so our customers can succeed while providing better, safer jobs.


To build an organization with dedicated team-oriented employees who are skilled technical experts and provide exceptional service and value to foster long term relationships with our customers. Our organization contributes to our customers’ competitive advantage and profitability. Our customers’ success is our success.

Core Values



We value each employee and their role in our organization. When we each do our part, we all enjoy success!



We value high standards for ethics, honesty and integrity.



We value excellence – every project, every customer, every day.