What is an automation strategy?

Learn how you can be more strategic with your manufacturing automation initiatives

How to benefit from a design team

Improve outcomes with a dedicated design team

What is a design first approach?

Think differently about how you approach automation projects

Making relationships: better

Learn how Automation Partner Agreements provide a proactive onramp for plant operations to remove the guesswork of automation projects

Making things: better

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It’s more than a marketing slogan. It’s a way of thinking. At JAE Automation, we truly want the manufacturing sector to succeed, and to help our customers create better, safer jobs while doing it.

Because of this, we do things differently than our competitors.

While we engage on a project-by-project basis, our customers can maximize their success over time by partnering with us to create an automation strategy and implement holistic solutions that are driven by it. And to do this we work not only as a trusted supplier, but also as an extended part of their internal team.

This approach gives us the ability to provide a premium service and, at the same time, deliver the most value.

JAE Automation provides

for small- to medium-sized manufacturers who want to:

Make things: modernized

New technologies, sensors, data and analytics, and advanced robotics have the potential to enhance productivity, lower costs, improve product quality, and increase operational efficiencies.

Make things: productively

Improved productivity is the most common reasons why manufacturers invest in automation technology. A holistic view of the plant, people and processes informs the strategy.

Make things: competitively

Local manufacturers must remain competitive by implementing the right automation technology, increasing productivity, and identifying savings and efficiencies across their facilities.

Make things: locally

The right technology helps small and medium manufacturers (SMMs) attract, hire, and retain skilled workers who are looking for opportunities to learn, grow, and do meaningful work.

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