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Automation Design & Integration

To remain competitive, your manufacturing or production facility is always under pressure to:

  • Deliver on new strategies and processes.
  • Improve productivity and workflow
  • Make the things you make… BETTER!

But your plant is a highly complex machine and with change come risks such as:

  • Safety and job satisfaction affecting productivity;
  • Implementing a design strategy that corners you in down the road; and,
  • Not building in the right data points for fine-tuning in the future.

Automation design is a broad field, and it’s as old as the invention of the wheel. Most like to think of it as coming up with ways to make things happen all by themselves so things get done faster and better. But as you are aware, there’s much to consider.

We are staffed to ensure each element of the process comes together expertly and efficiently:

Custom builds
• Controls
• Mechanical
Data management

But at JAE Automation, planning & definition is the beginning of a process that ensures your delivered automation project takes everything into account.

Why choose us?


For over two decades, JAE Automation has partnered with companies in all kinds of industry to make things. And make them better.


JAE Automation was founded on the principle that technology isn’t here to displace people, its purpose is to make their lives better. Whether that means better, safer jobs, higher quality products, increased productivity—or all of these things—for us it boils down to this: we exist to make things better.


JAE Automation is a small, full-service design/build industrial automation company based in the heart of Eastern Ontario, Canada. As such we’re nimble, flexible and able to get up to speed quickly. Our experience, product knowledge and ability to provide robust, world-class solutions has allowed us to make things better for customers around the globe.


At JAE Automation, we want to be your long-term partner in making things better. The first step in engagement is to plan a meeting to get to know you and fully understand your goals.