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Automation Partner Agreements

Automation Partner Agreements (APAs)

At JAE Automation, the cornerstone of our philosophy is “Making Things: Better”, and we believe a key component of this is in making relationships better.

Today’s manufacturing systems are interconnected, highly tuned ecosystems of machinery, robotics, electronics and data capture. And now more than ever, a holistic and strategic approach to automation design is key to minimizing downtime and capitalizing on efficiencies. 

JAE Automation is that company. We live and breathe automation. We partner with your business long term at all levels — from bridging the gap between your manufacturing strategy and systems with an automation strategy through to design, development, installation and support. Our commitment is to provide the highest value for your investment.

As such, we do not do design work on spec. We don’t take on design work without a clear strategy. And we don’t build until we are assured that designs hold up to established standards and requirements. We offer our customers complete integration of our team into their business at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally with the advantage of widespread experience and a highly creative and resourceful environment.

How we provide value

With a long-term agreement, we offer:

  • A holistic third-party perspective
  • A dedicated team integrated with your team
  • A structured process
  • Stability of execution of a long-term plan at a pace that’s sustainable by your business
  • The freedom to explore new possibilities without going back to finance
  • Consistency of design and execution
  • The flexibility to react quickly to unforeseen circumstances
  • Ongoing training and support by those who know your systems intimately
  • Preferred rates

Automation Partner Agreement (APA)

Based on a monthly retainer plus projects, an APA is a customized automation agreement designed for your facility/facilities that gives you flexibility to work with our team for the year. It offers you preferred rates, a dedicated Automation Strategist to plan, budget and forecast, a Design Team for brainstorming and concept development, along with training and support. This gives you the flexibility to self-serve on project designs, address routine support issues/questions and training without needing to involve finance every time.

For more information, download our Automation Partner Agreement Solution Sheet and speak with a representative.