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Automation Strategy

Why do you need an automation strategy?

  • Strategic alignment and clarity to move towards a design and implementation process

  • Removes the guesswork of project budgeting vs. actual costs and embarrassing overruns

  • Holds the design and implementation team accountable to
    a planned outcome

What is an Automation Strategist?

  • An automation strategist is a senior executive that has depth of experience in both the execution of manufacturing strategy and automating manufacturing processes via research, data analysis, financial cost/benefit, scope development, and project planning

Making outcomes: better

Small- to medium-sized manufacturers who don’t have someone internally who fills the role of an automation strategist typically outsource automation projects without fully understanding the scope or requirements.

This leads to costly and unexpected change orders as the project progresses.

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For over two decades, JAE Automation has partnered with companies in all kinds of industry to make things. And make them better.


JAE Automation was founded on the principle that technology isn’t here to displace people, its purpose is to make their lives better. Whether that means better, safer jobs, higher quality products, increased productivity—or all of these things—for us it boils down to this: we exist to make things better.


JAE Automation is a small, full-service design/build industrial automation company based in the heart of Eastern Ontario, Canada. As such we’re nimble, flexible and able to get up to speed quickly. Our experience, product knowledge and ability to provide robust, world-class solutions has allowed us to make things better for customers around the globe.


At JAE Automation, we want to be your long-term partner in making things better. The first step in engagement is to plan a meeting to get to know you and fully understand your goals.