Business Relationships in Manufacturing [Podcast]
February 12, 2021

We live in a world where everything is off the shelf. Even in our relationships!
We are challenging this status quo, and we are saying that business relationships built on trust and accountability allow you to make things better than ever before.

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Executive Summary & Timestamps

0:00 Eric’s intro. Relationships these days seem to just be transactional. And how we should be thinking differently about them.

6:02 – Trust needs to be established, especially during the design. That’s where a manufacturer is most vulnerable and needs to rely on their automation partner to help them navigate.

7:56: Did we implement automation because it did a bunch of neat things? Or did it meet the requirements that the customer needed?Get notified of automation and manufacturing news.

10:02: The focus should not be on the transaction. It should be on the long term success of each partner.

15:20: When two businesses work together, there are two different cultures that need to find out how to fit together, and accomplish a goal.

19:20: The key way to vet your suppliers, and establish trust based on honest conversations.

Eric Martin C.E.T.

Eric Martin C.E.T.

Electronic Engineering Technologist, is owner and President of JAE Automation. For over 25 years, Eric’s passion has been about making things, and how to make them better. Since founding JAE Automation in 2000, along with leading his team, Eric has been engaged in automation design for the automotive, consumer goods, food and beverage sectors and many more.


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