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February 18, 2020

Unscheduled downtime is the single largest source of lost production time for manufacturers. When equipment goes down, the entire production environment is disrupted, and an unresolved issue with one machine can result in delays, cost overruns, unhappy customers, and a loss of trust and reputation.  

According to a recent survey of manufacturers across industries, aging equipment and mechanical failures were the leading causes of unscheduled downtime. In response, many manufacturing companies are upgrading their equipment and investing in automation technology. Not only can this reduce overall maintenance and repair costs, but it can also lead to improvements in efficiency, speed, throughput, and product quality.  

However, new equipment brings its own set of challenges. There is often a period after deployment where unexpected issues need to be worked out and adjustments need to be made to bring the equipment into full working conditionAdditionally, staff may not be fully trained on the new technology, or they may not have the level of technical expertise required to identify and resolve issues on their own. 

JAE Automation provides ongoing Automation Support Services to help manufacturers keep existing equipment up and running, harness the benefits of their investments in new machines, and identify new opportunities to make things better across the entire facility.  


Keeping facilities running smoothly


How manufacturers benefit from a support partner?

As manufacturing facilities become more complex, the ability to turn to a trusted and knowledgeable support partner becomes a valuable asset. JAE Automation Support Services provide manufacturers with peace of mind knowing they have someone to call if there’s an issue or equipment failure. Through a local or virtual support team, JAE Automation works alongside you to extend the capabilities of your team and provide access to skills and technical expertise that may not be available in-house.  

For example, your team may notice that a machine is operating slightly slower than normal, but they are unable to determine the cause. They know from experience that if the issue is left unrepaired, it may lead to a more serious failure that results in significant downtime and a large repair bill. With deep domain expertise, JAE Automation can help identify the cause and conduct pre-emptive maintenance before the relatively minor issue grows into a full-fledged emergency. 

In addition to standard support services, JAE Automation offers ongoing service level agreements (SLAs) that provide access to technical and automation experts on a regular basis. Over time, these experts get to know you, your facility, and your business goals, allowing them to identify further improvements and recommend new ways to make things better. With predictable billing and managed costs, you can turn to these experts for advice and guidance on new project initiatives without having to seek additional budget approvals.  


How JAE Automation Support Services help you make things better


JAE Automation serves as a trusted partner that augments your in-house team before, during, and after equipment deployment to mitigate the risk of downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and identify further areas of improvement across the facility.  

JAE Automation helps manufacturers by: 

  • Providing access to expertise and domain knowledge that isn’t available in-house 
  • Connecting remotely or locally when issues arise 
  • Managing costs on a predictable, recurring basis  
  • Conducting training and facilitating knowledge transfer to improve the skills of your team 
  • Getting to know you and your unique requirements to recommend new ways to improve the production process 


The results – less downtime, increased return on investment


Aging equipment that is susceptible to failure places a significant burden on manufacturers when it comes to maintenance and repairs, while new equipment often requires knowledge and expertise outside of what has traditionally been required by staff. JAE Automation Support Services provide access to knowledgeable and trusted experts who are available to help you overcome these challenges and get the most out of your production environment.  

Ongoing SLAs mean these experts get to know you and your business and can work with you to find new areas to improve, while regular support services can help you repair small issues before they evolve into major problems. The result is a better return on investment in new equipment and a reduced risk of delays, cost overruns, or unhappy customers due to unscheduled downtime.  

Eric Martin C.E.T.

Eric Martin C.E.T.

Electronic Engineering Technologist, is owner and President of JAE Automation. For over 25 years, Eric’s passion has been about making things, and how to make them better. Since founding JAE Automation in 2000, along with leading his team, Eric has been engaged in automation design for the automotive, consumer goods, food and beverage sectors and many more.


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